Cancellation conditions

Order cancellation by customer 

You can cancel your order before shipping the customer by contacting onxon at system cannot cancel orders during delivery but you can refuse to receive the product and deliver it.If the product has been shipped You cannot cancel an order made with the seller but may be able to just return the product according to the conditions returns / repair / replacement.

Order cancellation by  seller

Without prejudice to any other right to cancel any orders specified elsewhere in these Terms & Conditions of Sale, Seller or onxon, side acting on behalf of Seller. May stop any cargo Withhold delivery to the customer And / or terminate the contract with the customer effective immediately by giving written notice to the customer at any date or at any time. If any of the following events occurs

1. The product is out of stock for one reason or another.

2. The customer breaches the conditions made with the customer.

3. The customer has a resolution to dissolve the company or a court having jurisdiction orders the customer to dissolve the company or liquidate the account.

4. there is an order of official or the appointment of a receiver agent or a property manager to take possession of or sell any of the customer's assets; or

5. Customers make an agreement or make a compromise with creditors in general. Or ask the court with the jurisdiction to request protection of debt repayment to creditors

Returns / Repair / Replacement

Return Policy: All returned items must be in accordance with the instructions given. Seller is not bound to agree to return any product. Unless all such instructions are followed to the satisfaction of the Seller or onxon if Seller agrees to return the item. The seller will deliver the replacement product to you at the specified address.

Approved returns

Return the product within 7  days from the date of delivery of the product you may be able to request a return when you receive an item that is significantly different from the one specified in the Customer Contract, or received a faulty or damaged item. The store must be responsible for the cost. When the terms and conditions of return are met Policy requirements are met And the product has been verified Will return the money within 30 days.

Repair or Sale

In addition to the return of the wrong or damaged product under the conditions, the customer may request for repair or replacement of the said item, such request cannot be revoked upon request. onxon know and customers may not return to request a return. Can again later In the event that the product is not repaired or replaced within a reasonable time onxon has the sole discretion to allow the customer to discount the price to the customer in proportion to the reduced value of the product but regardless of the case That price reduction will not exceed 15 percent (15%) of the price of the item in question. When there is repair, replacement or discount as mentioned above. The Customer shall not have any further claims against the Seller.


When onxon makes a replacement or refunds the customer. Products that do not meet the requirements Or parts of the said goods to the property of the seller And upon request Such merchandise or parts should be transported back to seller at the expense of the customer.

Risk of damage or loss

Risk of damage or loss of the products bears to the customer at the time of delivery. Or in the event that the customer mistakenly fails to take delivery of the goods at the time the seller offers delivery of the goods (via onxon or onxon representatives)